Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Harnessing the Power for Change

Join Leeds Community Organising to celebrate our launch... Harnessing the Power for Change

An afternoon of conversation with Maurice Glasman (key thinker and activist behind London Citizens) and Leeds Community Organising.

4pm to 6pm, Saturday 28th April 2012
Oxford Place Centre
Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX

Leeds Community Organising is a new city-wide organisation building the power of
communities in the city through relationships with each other to act together on areas
of common interest.

Leeds Community Organising builds on the tradition of broad-based community
organising (as developed in the USA and now run in other UK cities and elsewhere in
the world). This public launch event will be an opportunity to find out more about Leeds
Community Organising; gain deeper insight into key principles of Community
Organising; and hear stories of success through Organising in other cities.

For more information visit or call
07579 965227 or email

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