Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Book Launch: Feelbad Britain

Taking Soundings Leeds presents:

Feelbad Britain: How to make it better
by Pat Devine, Andrew Permain, and David Purdy

Book Launch event to be held on Wednesday 3 June 2009 Old Broadcasting House, 6-8 pm.

Pat Devine (co-editor) – Introduction honorary Research Fellow University of Manchester

David Beetham – Democracy Professor Emeritus University of Leeds

Noel Castree – Environment Professor School of Environment and Development University of Manchester

Linda Patterson – Health OBE, consultant physician

Taking Soundings own Matthew Caygill will be a critical discussant to the four presentations.

Taking Soundings is happy to announce that the event will be followed by a wine reception.

About Feelbad Britain:
The central thesis of Feelbad Britain is that after the decades of neoliberalism the institutions and social relations on which solidarity, trust and citizenship depend have been undermined. This has left contemporary British society in a troubled and dysfunctional state, without the cohesion or confidence needed if we are to escape from recession, combat climate change and restore faith in government. The authors put forward a theoretical framework for understanding contemporary politics; and they consider what is to be done to revitalise the British left, challenge neoliberal hegemony, and develop a political project aimed at creating a greener, fairer, happier, more democratic and less divided Britain.

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