Saturday, 3 March 2012

Readers meeting on Paul Mason, March 14th

Paul Mason has produced some of the most interesting and incisive commentary and analysis about the current economic crisis and various responses to it on a world-scale, both in his journalism for BBC2’s Newsnight and in his books. The latest of these is ‘Why It’s Kicking off Everywhere’ (Verso 2012).

We are trying to invite Paul to speak to us here in Leeds, but in the meantime we are keen to discuss his ideas. Our next ‘Reader’s Meeting’ will be on Wednesday, March 14th at 6PM in Broadcasting Place A010 (Ground-floor, just by the foyer, the room with internal glass windows). We will finish before 8PM.

We can look at some video material, but we also have photocopies of Ch4 from the book, entitled: ‘So, Why Did It All Kick Off? The Social Roots of the New Unrest’ to distribute to start the discussion. If you want a pdf version, email for a copy.

All are welcome if you want to take part in a conversation about Paul’s interesting and inspiring ideas.

You might want to go back to his original blog article: ‘Twenty reasons why it's kicking off everywhere’ from February 2011, available at:

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