Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Michael Albert speaking in Leeds

The School of Geography, University of Leeds

presents a School Seminar with…
Michael Albert
American writer, activist, author of Parecon: Life after capitalism

‘Life beyond crisis-capitalism. Towards a humane and sustainable economy.’

THURSDAY 28th of October, 4pm (followed by refreshments)
Geography Lecture Theatre
Geography East Building
University of Leeds, LS29JT

Michael Albert is an American activist, speaker, and writer. He is co-editor and co-founder of Zcommunications. He also co-founded South End Press and has written numerous books and articles. Along with Robin Hahnel he developed the economic vision called participatory economics
Participatory Economics or "parecon" is a model for a type of democratic economy proposed as an alternative to capitalism and central planning, that includes new institutions aimed to further participation, solidarity, self-management, diversity and equity. A timely intervention when other forms of economic organisation are in crisis.
Michael Albert is on tour in the UK http://www.ppsuk.org.uk/matour/

For more information about Michael Albert and his work see: http://www.zcommunications.org/topics/parecon

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