Thursday, 2 September 2010

Nina Power speaking Sept 22nd

21st Century Feminism
Nina Power
6.00 – 8.00 pm, September 22nd 2010
Old Broadcasting House, 148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds Metropolitan University
Nina Power is the author of One-Dimensional Woman, a key work in the recent flowering of feminist argument. Here’s part of the book’s blurb:
“Did the desires of twentieth-century women's liberation achieve their fulfilment in the shopper's paradise of 'naughty' self-pampering, playboy bunny pendants and bikini waxes? That the height of supposed female emancipation coincides so perfectly with consumerism is a miserable index of a politically desolate time. Much contemporary feminism, particularly in its American formulation, doesn't seem too concerned about this coincidence.This short book is partly an attack on the apparent abdication of any systematic political thought on the part of today's positive, up-beat feminists. It suggests alternative ways of thinking about transformations in work, sexuality and culture that, while seemingly far-fetched in the current ideological climate, may provide more serious material for future feminism.”

This discussion will address the possibilities of a new feminism that can transform the entire left.

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