Thursday, 3 June 2010

Victoria Brittain speaking in Leeds, June 17th

Leeds City Council Peacelink Group and the Praxis Centre, Leeds Metropolitan University, present: The 2010 Leeds International Olof Palme MemorialPeace Lecture
Lies, Truth and Whistleblowersin war reporting from my work in Vietnam, Somalia, Angola, Congo, Uganda and Sudan
Victoria Brittain

Victoria Brittain was Associate Foreign Editor for The Guardian, and has also worked for The Times, ITN, Le Monde Diplomatique, Afrique/Asie. She has been a consultant to the UN on issues of the impact of war on women, and has written several books on Africa, two plays about Guantanamo Bay, and is co-author of Moazzam Begg's Guantanamo memoir, Enemy Combatant. She is on the board of the Institute of Race Relations, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Widows Rights International, and the Amiet Trust.

Leeds Civic Hall
Thursday 17th June 2010: 7PM for 7.30

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