Saturday, 15 May 2010

What Do Want? Fair Votes

When Do Want It? Now!

The chant of the purple-coloured ranks of the Fair Votes campaign as they set off on an impromptu march round Leeds Millennium Square and neighbouring streets this afternoon. About 60 of us, so not much smaller than the May Day March two weeks ago. Quite a lot of people in purple. Short speeches from a Liberal Democrat and ex-Liberal MP Michael Meadowcroft, and from the Labour Party organiser of the protest, and a Green from Calder Valley (only one to get welcoming cheers), before a final speaker brought the voice of extreme eccentricity to us. Basially a gathering of political herbivores, keen to see a new politics around coalitions. The left (as I understand was absent) and there was no connection between social and economic issues and the demand for a more proportionate voting system.

Go to for more information about the campaign. And look closely at people in purple.

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